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so, um, part of me would really like to see aomine listening to kasamatsu singing and playing the guitar and then being like overwhelmingly aroused or that ‘then i will sit here consumed with lust for the rest of the evening’ reaction.

OH MY GOD?? omg aomine


captain swan + scenes where their theme is playing

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Captain Swan + 3x12 New York City Serenade

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

the guts of some people argh! I feel angry for you now, “i don’t want you to have my number” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Kill them, kill them all
god sara i might as well do that i’m feeling murderous right now, he really said that to me and then his friends were all ‘we’re not going to give you his number if he didn’t you’re probably a stalker’ and i was like i just want him to do his fucking job!!!!!
i hate that i don’t even know if he has done his part, how he has done it and what the hell he’s going to say, what if we’re going to say completely opposite things??
uuugh where is a dragon when you need it

i hate having to work with other people for school project so much i s2g

i have to do a presentation tomorrow and the guy with whom i was paired didn’t want to give me his phone number so he just left me his mail and i sent him the first draft of my part of the work five days ago and he didn’t reply to me he didn’t send me his part we didn’t discuss how to do it and if everything was alright and we didn’t prepared the exposition fucking great im screwed